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Alcohol and relationships: a sobering thought

Alcohol awareness week is an annual awareness campaign ran by Alcohol Change UK and the theme for 2021 is ‘Alcohol and relationships’. The link between alcohol and relationship is strong, with many of us associating alcohol with socialising. Alcohol can become a big part of our connections and interactions with those around us, but when … Read more

National Cholesterol Month 2021: Why should you care about your cholesterol levels?

National cholesterol month is an entire month dedicated to raising awareness of high cholesterol, the health implications and reducing your numbers. Cholesterol is a topic that many of us don’t really understand – we just know the word and that there is a good and bad version of it. So, what is cholesterol? Cholesterol is … Read more

Boosting Team Morale Post-Covid-19

Following the recent update from Boris Johnson, final Covid-19 restrictions are now expected to ease on 19th July. Some employees may be returning to the workplace after working from home for over a year, while others may be returning from furlough, having not worked at all for over a year. Employers and managers should be … Read more

Diabetes Awareness Week 2021: Does nutrition affect your risk of getting type-2 diabetes?

Put simply, the answer is yes. But we’re going to delve a little deeper to see how many cases of type-2 diabetes could have been prevented as well as why your nutrition choices increase your risk. What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the body does not produce enough insulin … Read more

Healthy Performance Supporting UK Businesses with Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing

Earlier this month, the Government announced that workplace Covid testing would be available to all businesses in England, enabling asymptomatic cases to be detected quickly and preventing workplace outbreaks. The lateral flow test produces results in less than 30 minutes and with one in three people having the virus without symptoms, testing those without symptoms … Read more

National Heart Month 2021 – What are you doing for February?

Each year, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) declares February as National Heart Month in the UK. During this time, awareness of a variety of heart conditions are bought to the fore with National Heart Month. Many of us have heard of diseases relating to the heart and circulation and refer to these as cardiovascular diseases … Read more

Tips To Promote Prostate Cancer Awareness in The Workplace

prostate cancer awareness at work

Tips To Promote Prostate Cancer Awareness in The Workplace Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer to affect males in the UK with around 47,700 men being diagnosed each year according to Cancer Research UK. Prostate cancer typically develops slowly which means there may be no signs for many years. A man’s risk of … Read more

International Day of Happiness

  International Day of Happiness – five ways to happier living Action for Happiness have released 10 keys to happier living for International Day of Happiness.  The following five factors are really important for our health and wellbeing. GIVING Caring about others is fundamental to our happiness.   Helping other people is not only good for … Read more

How to survive the gloomiest day of the year

#BlueMonday #Wallofpositivity

The gloomiest day of the year is officially the third Monday of January, known as #BlueMonday 21st January 2019. It was first identified in 2005 by academic Cliff Arnell who looked at a range of factors that make us glum, including debt levels, bad weather, divorce rates and the number of days since the Christmas … Read more

Alcohol Awareness Week

Alcohol Awareness Week This week over 1,700 community groups around the country are taking part in Alcohol Awareness Week – more than double the number that took part last year. Local authorities, workplaces, GP surgeries, pharmacies, hospitals, charities and other groups are organising events. Raise awareness with the following hashtags  #AlcoholAwarenessWeek and #AAW2018. While alcohol … Read more