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Quit-smoking campaign declared a success

The government has said anti-smoking campaign – the heavily-publicised Stoptober – has been a success, and has built on the positivity generated from last year. Nearly 250,000 people in England and Wales quit smoking cigarettes for 28 days, making them five times more likely to be able to quit for good. The people who quit could … Read more

Movember: a fundraising fad?

With so many Charity campaigns vying for our attention, what difference does Movember really make?  A decade ago in a Melbourne pub, two young men were chatting about fashion trends over a beer when they decided the moustache deserved a comeback and persuaded 30 friends to grow a ‘Mo’ for charity – for ten dollars … Read more

Most Britons receive a Health and Wellbeing 'Wake-up call' just before they reach the big 4.0.

The average Briton is struck by a health wake-up call at the age of 39, a study has just announced. Researchers found the run up to turning 40 is a key opportunity when people beign to worry about the long-term health implications of bad health habits and poor diets they enjoyed earlier in life. Around … Read more

Health, work and wellbeing: why is it important?

Traditionally, when most of us think about health in the workplace, we tend to consider just ‘health and safety’, for example, minimising physical risks. Whilst conventional health issues, such as noise and chemical hazards are still vitally important, the conventional thinking on health in the workplace has changed.  A growing concern with a good work-life … Read more

Demonstrating ROI is top priority for HR

Over a third (35%) of respondents have stated that a return on investment (ROI) is their number one priority over the next year.  This is according to research undertaken by PMI Health Group and conducted by Imperial College Business School.