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High levels of bad cholesterol linked to Alzheimer's disease

Researchers have found that patients with higher than normal levels of “bad” cholesterol in their blood tended to have more harmful tangles of protein inside their brain cells. These tangles, known as beta amyloid plaques, are one of the main physical signs of Alzheimer’s disease and are thought to interfere with the way brain cells … Read more

New anti-smoking advert raises awareness of toxic dangers to the brain

A new anti-smoking campaign begins today and offers support, advice and a range of tools for anyone looking to stop smoking. The new television adverts warn how smoke makes blood “dirty and thick with toxins” which then circulate in the body, increasing the risks of a stroke. With the strapline – “If you could see the damage, … Read more

Why should you become a dryathlete?

January starts off with a bang and Cancer Research UK’s Drylathon Campaign.  Men and women across the country are being challenged to lay off the booze in January to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK is encouraging people to go teetotal for the month as part of Dryathlon, their new year funding campaign.  So-called … Read more

Healthy Performance launches online health tool

EXCLUSIVE: Healthy Performance has launched an online health assessment tool for employers and employees. The tool provides employers with a live dashboard where they can see anonymous, real-time data as employees complete their health assessments. Employers are then provided with an overall wellbeing score and a health risk score for their workforce, while employees are provided with an … Read more