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The UK's Newest Online DSE Assessment Tool

Healthy Workstation

Introducing the UK’s newest online DSE assessment tool that enables employees to complete an assessment based on both their work and/or home set ups.

Healthy Performance are wellbeing innovators and we want to try and make the employee experience more engaging and easier to use.

What is Healthy Workstation?

Healthy Workstation is a digital tool that allows companies to manage their legal obligation to carry out regular DSE workstation assessments, as part of the Health and Safety regulations.

Not only that, this DSE Assessment Tool is Digital. That means it can all be done without having to fill in paper forms or remember where previous years records are kept, as it’s all available on your live admin dashboard.

DSE Assessments are usually carried out annually, bi-annually or whenever a new assessment is required. This is typically when a person changes their workstation location, when pregnant or if they have any injuries.

Healthy Workstation - The Future of DSE Assessment Tools

The world has changed rapidly since 2020 and up to half of the UK workforce has transitioned to working from home. Healthy Workstation allows you to manage your entire workforce simply, effectively and with great value for money.

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