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Mental health trusts to be paid for carrying out health assessments on psychiatric patients

A new health check programme is being launched by NHS England with the key aim of reducing the number of mental health patients dying from heart, liver and lung diseases in particular. The scheme will see Mental Health Trusts being paid for health assessments of the physical condition and lifestyle of psychiatric patients. Mental health … Read more

Lack of sleep linked to serious health problems

Leading Scientists from Universities including Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard have warned that cutting sleep is leading people to have “serious health problems”. The body clock can drive huge changes in the human body as it alters alertness, mood, physical strength and even the risk of a heart attack in a daily rhythm.  These factors stem from … Read more

Lack of exercise is worse on the heart than smoking and obesity for women in their 30's

A new study has revealed that a sedentary lifestyle can pose a greater heart disease risk to women over 30 than smoking, obesity or high blood pressure. The data has been taken from more than 32,000 participants in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health, which for 20 years has been tracking the long-term health … Read more