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Boosting Team Morale Post-Covid-19

Following the recent update from Boris Johnson, final Covid-19 restrictions are now expected to ease on 19th July. Some employees may be returning to the workplace after working from home for over a year, while others may be returning from furlough, having not worked at all for over a year. Employers and managers should be … Read moreBoosting Team Morale Post-Covid-19

The benefits and importance of moving more

When most people hear healthy movement, they think exercise or long-winded gym sessions or looking better or weight loss. But, movement is so much more than vanity and doesn’t have to involve ‘working out’. Human life has become structured in a way that makes it very easy for us to avoid movement – even more … Read moreThe benefits and importance of moving more

10,000 steps a day

Are you doing 10,000 steps a day

With a target of 10,000 steps a day, several of us at HP Towers have pedometers and are regularly checking up on each other’s achievements (healthy competition is always a good thing!). We’re interested to note recent media claims that the average Brit fails to get anywhere near the recommended daily steps.  A study that looked … Read more10,000 steps a day