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Being overweight is seen as normal

Dame Sally Davies, the Government’s Chief Medical Officer has been increasingly vocal about the subject of obesity.  Her comments yesterday certainly made the headlines again yesterday. Her annual report on the state of health in the UK was published yesterday with the fashion industry coming in for strong criticism.  Indeed the biggest headline grabber, was the use … Read more

Are you considering a health and wellbeing strategy?

In terms of productivity, the UK employment market is behind many of our European neighbours such as France and Germany.  Whilst some of this is attributable to factors such as investment and innovation, there is another serious factor to UK growth – the British workforce is not healthy enough to make the necessary improvements in … Read more

Swapping butter for Sunflower Spread may not lower heart risk

The UK’s leading Heart Charity, the British Heart Foundation (BHF), have released some surprising research that would indicate that the current guidance on saturated fat is “unclear.” The research compiled data from 72 studies and revealed that contrary to the current guidance, there isn’t any evidence that changing the type of fat you eat from … Read more

Employee health and wellbeing – Older Workers

As I travelled back from work during the recent long, wintry evenings, I often found myself listening to BBC Radio 5Live – to their credit they have been highlighting the plight of many of our elderly folk and loneliness. The central plank of their recent features were that society has failed to confront the ‘national … Read more