Employee Health Checks

At Healthy Performance, our objective is to work in partnership with organisations to develop a healthy workplace culture. We are award winning health and wellbeing specialists, and with our employee health checks, we can help businesses of all sizes to create a healthy workplace.

With our employee health checks, what you can measure, you can improve

By providing employee health screenings, our SAME day health reports will enable your employees to identify the areas of their health which need improvement. We also use the anonymised data to give you a company health report which allows businesses to identify hotspots and trends within the organisation – particularly useful for starting or improving your health and wellbeing strategy.

Ultimately, a healthier workplace will see a drop in absenteeism and an increase in staff engagement.

Onsite health Screening

Onsite Health Screening

The most engaging part of any wellbeing programme with Same Day Results for Employees and segmented Company Health Reports to help you monitor progress



Our online lifestyle assessment tool that takes the ‘temperature’ of Employee Wellbeing………. Online… Anytime



Onsite health Screening


Measuring the levels of stress and pressure within your organisation

Using validated HSE questions combined with other key topics, Pascal is the first of its kind to provide a unique dashboard separating home and work issues, allowing you to personalise your employee’s journey with bespoke questions and referral pathways.


Healthy Cloud

Cost effective monthly package for those wanting an annual plan. Measure wellbeing and communicate key health issues with your own ready-made wellbeing programme


Onsite health Screening


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Benchmark health data, monitor employee engagement or measure improvements with our online and onsite services. With SAME DAY employee reports and management information (segmented by location and department) we help you to be really proactive about the health and wellbeing of your organisation.

Included within all of our workplace health check programmes are:

  • Marketing materials to help you launch your event internally (PDFs, email communication)
  • Online booking system to manage bookings
  • Bespoke score cards (for health checks)
  • Health & Wellbeing literature for all events
  • Company Health Reports (for health screenings) to allow you to take a proactive approach to wellbeing in the future

To find out more about our workplace health checks, call us on 0800 170 1777 or send an email to team@healthyperformance.co.uk