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Here at Healthy Performance, we’re probably best known for our employee health checks and onsite health assessments and why wouldn’t we be, we have dedicated over a decade to perfecting them.

How do Employee Health Checks Work?

Watch this short video to see how employee health checks with Healthy Performance can help your business create a healthy workspace.

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What you measure, you can improve!

Digital solutions available for those working remotely!

Your Journey

Your employee journey

your journey

your employee journey

your journey

your employee journey

Choose dates, book a room
and we do the rest!

Book an appointment in just

Receive SMS/Email confirmation,
calendar invite and reminder

Communicate marketing material
and booking system

Complete pre assessment
questionnaire in just

SAME DAY report with

Company Report/Recommendations and Employee Feedback Report

Develop your
wellbeing programme

Don’t just take our word for it

 “Employees really enjoy seeing annual comparisons and are motivated to make improvements”

“The company report is absolutely superb, allowing us to invest in the right areas of our wellbeing programme”

Why use Employee Health Checks?

Our objective is to work in partnership with organisations to develop a healthy workplace culture. We are award-winning health and wellbeing specialists and with our employee health checks, we can help businesses of all sizes to create a healthy workplace.

From mini ‘Know Your Numbers’ campaigns to comprehensive options including cardiac risk assessments and bowel screening, there is a solution for every budget.


With industry leading satisfaction levels, our health checks and assessments are incredibly engaging, Whilst our SAME DAY health reports help employees make positive lifestyle changes and identify the areas of their health which need improvement.

We then use the anonymised data to provide company health reports which will allow you to identify hotspots and trends within your organisation – this is particularly useful for starting or improving your health and wellbeing strategy.


What do Employee Health Checks include?

To keep implementation and administration at a minimum for you, these work in the following way:

We provide marketing material to raise awareness and increase uptake levels

Our incredibly popular online booking system allows employees to book appointments within 30 seconds

We measure uptake levels and keep you informed

Employees receive a same day report including recommendations and annual comparisons

Employees receive referrals to your existing pathways such as EAP, occupational health or health insurance

You receive a company health report which enables you to benchmark data and measure progress

Our entry level
health assessment

  • Lifestyle Review
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Body Fat %
  • Hydration %
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Same Day Report
  • Company Report
  • Marketing Material
  • Online Booking System

All from 15 min option PLUS HDL (good) Cholesterol

  • HDL Cholesterol
  • TC/HDL Ratio

Our most popular option and ideal for engagement

  • Metabolic Rate
  • Estimated Calories
  • Lung Age
  • Bowel Screening Kit*
  • Cardiac Risk
Comprehensive assessment with over 20 other tests

  • Lung Power/Efficiency
  • LDL Cholesterol 
  • Triglycerides
  • Urinalysis
  • Vision Assessment

Including full blood profile, urinalysis and much more 

  • Full Blood Profile inc: Liver, Kidney, HbA1c, Iron, PSA, blood count, bone profile, and much more

*over 40’s or those with Family History

Start your health assessment journey today!

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