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What is the average amount a Briton will spend on alcohol in their lifetime?

Macmillan Cancer Support have released a couple of interesting statistics ahead of their Stay Sober for October campaign.  The average Briton spends almost £50,000 in their lifetime on alcohol; that is around £787 per year. The research surveyed 2,000 over-18s. Men spent an average of £934.44 per year, the data found, compared with women spending … Read more

Sweeteners could be behind the rise of diabetes and obesity

A study has suggested that sugar-free sweeteners could increase glucose intolerance and diabetes risk by affecting bacteria in the gut. It is claimed that far from improving the metabolism and helping people to slim, widespread use of artificial sweeteners may be fuelling the obesity and diabetes epidemic. Tests in mice showed that sweeteners altered the … Read more

Lung cancer screening in the UK should be introduced calls leading expert

Prof John Field of Liverpool University, a leading cancer expert, has stated that  planning should start now for nationwide screening of older smokers by the end of 2016.  Delays to a lung cancer screening programme in the UK could cost thousands of lives, he has warned. The evidence that has arisen from studies from US data … Read more

Go Sober for October campaign reveals most of us spend a year of our lives hungover!

Macmillan, which is running a Go Sober for October fundraising campaign, have surveyed 2,000 British adults about their drinking habits.   The results have been calculated by multiplying the average amount of time people spend hungover each month with their life expectancy – some of the results are staggering. The headline figure is that the … Read more