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My Wellbeing Check® is the first Body, Mind, Work and Life assessment that also includes newsletters, webinars and 24/7 resources. And with big data segmented by location or department, measuring wellbeing has never been easier.  

The my wellbeing check dashboard

Employees complete a short 8-10 minute assessment that provides their 10 year risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes along with an easy to understand dashboard covering activity, stress, finance, sleep, work demands and more. Targeted resources and company specific referral pathways offer support to help make lifestyle improvements and progress across the year can be tracked.  

Your admin dashboard monitors trends and hotspots, perfect for those who use data to build their wellbeing strategy. This is ideal to drive employee engagement and proactively tackle health and wellbeing across your organisation.

What our clients say

“My Wellbeing Check® gives our people an opportunity to invest in their health & wellbeing confidentially, evaluating their lifestyle habits and behaviours that could cause or contribute to ill-health or injury. The data from our company report then formulates a risk based wellbeing strategy, allowing resources and budgets to be focused on specific risk, rather than meaningless initiatives that may not be relevant or necessary for different locations”. 

Chris Hanson-Moring – Wellbeing Manager

As used by:

The benefits of our My Wellbeing Check® lifestyle assessment tool

short questionnaire

Short questionnaire covers
4 pillars of wellbeing

Wellbeing Dashboard

Company dashboard with  detailed question analysis

Easy to implement and report
across multiple locations

Personalise with
your branding

24/7 access to
wellbeing resources

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