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What rights do employees with mental health conditions have at work?

mental health rights for employees UK

A recent survey conducted by Mental Health charity MIND found that over 20% of people with mental health issues are unaware their condition could be classed as a disability, and they could be missing out on legal protections or helpful adjustments at work. Everyone’s mental health in the workplace is protected by several legal rights. … Read more

How to protect mental health whilst boosting productivity

mental health

What business doesn’t want to identify ways to boost their productivity? Historically, perhaps this meant asking people to work harder and for longer and if they couldn’t they’d get people who could. But this isn’t a cost effective or ethical model. It’s widely recognised looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees is critical … Read more

Successfully manage anxiety and stress in the workplace

stress and anxiety in the workplace

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work? Do you worry you are starting to lose control? You are not alone. A recent Acas poll reported 66% of employees have felt stressed and/or anxious about work in the last 12 months. These findings closely resemble the CIPD and Simplyhealth’s ‘Health and Wellbeing at Work’ report. It … Read more