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Easing the stress of returning to work as Covid-19 lockdowns ease

Following the roadmap set out by Boris Johnson a few weeks back, the UK could potentially be restriction-free by 21st June and businesses and organisations are preparing to resume ‘normal’ operations, including welcoming back their workforces. Some employees may be returning after working from home for over a year, while others may be returning from … Read more

Healthy Performance Supporting UK Businesses with Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing

Earlier this month, the Government announced that workplace Covid testing would be available to all businesses in England, enabling asymptomatic cases to be detected quickly and preventing workplace outbreaks. The lateral flow test produces results in less than 30 minutes and with one in three people having the virus without symptoms, testing those without symptoms … Read more

Back pain costing the UK economy £20billion every year

Each year around a fifth of the population consult their GP about a musculoskeletal condition, which accounts for £5 billion of NHS spend and is the leading cause of working days lost.  Arthritis Research UK estimates its costs the economy £20 billion every year. With an ageing and increasingly obese population, and rates of physical activity … Read more