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Employee Wellbeing Programs

Our annual employee wellbeing programs come either fully managed or with ad-hoc support built around your objectives.

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How to Build Employee Wellbeing Programs

Developing an effective employee wellbeing program and wellbeing strategy is a great way to demonstrate that you value your people.

As well as empowering colleagues to adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle, employee wellbeing programs will allow you to make a positive difference to your organisation.

Our employee wellbeing programs can deliver various results including:

Don’t know where to start with your employee wellbeing programs? We’d love to help!

We help to devise, develop and evolve your employee wellbeing programs

We recognise that whilst it may be high on your agenda, some organisations simply don’t have time to implement an employee wellbeing program for their employees.

So if time is limited or you are unsure where to start, we can help devise, develop and evolve your employee wellbeing programs for you.

We have years of experience in building effective wellbeing programs around our clients’ requirements, budget and culture.

Whether you require a fully managed service or ad-hoc advice and support, we can help you to build strategies or annual wellbeing programmes around your objectives.

Our flexible packages are designed to provide choice and excellent value for money. So you can combine health checks and assessments with a quarterly themed promotion, add flu vaccines, or other campaigns to complete your programme.

It’s your programme… so it’s your choice!

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“We see Healthy Performance not
as a supplier, but as our wellbeing partner”

Dave Roberts

Head of Pensions, Wellbeing and Reward

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Quarter 1

& Data Capture

Health Assessments

Quarter 2

Mental Health, Stress & Resilience


Occasionally / frequently feel tired

never / rarely get enough sleep

‘Mind’ Score

Quarter 3



feel food at work negatively affects dietary choices

don’t eat breakfast regularly

are dehydrated

Quarter 4



would like to be more active

Activity‘ Score

have borderline / high body fat levels

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