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Drinking just one energy drink may increase risk of heart disease in young adults

New research by the Mayo clinic published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that drinking around 450ml worth of an energy drink significantly increases a person’s blood pressure and stress hormone responses, which could in turn increase the risk of cardiovascular events. Researchers studied 25 healthy young adults with no known cardiovascular risk … Read more

One in five UK employees have pulled a sickie this year

New research published from YouGov research has revealed that 19% of the UK’s workforce have pulled a sickie in the last twelve months. That equates to over 6 million people who have bunked off work! It’s hard to estimate the impact of sickies on the economy, but it would be in the billions.  Historically, the worst day in … Read more

Report calls for Personal Trainers in GP surgeries to tackle lack of exercise

A new report is arguing that personal trainers should be put in every doctor’s surgery and job centre to help tackle the UK’s physical inactivity problem. A lack of exercise causes approximately 37,000 deaths each year in the UK and the cost to the economy is £20 billion annually. The report, Blueprint For An Active Britain, has … Read more