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Alcohol and relationships: a sobering thought

Alcohol awareness week is an annual awareness campaign ran by Alcohol Change UK and the theme for 2021 is ‘Alcohol and relationships’. The link between alcohol and relationship is strong, with many of us associating alcohol with socialising. Alcohol can become a big part of our connections and interactions with those around us, but when … Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: My Breast Cancer Story

Author: Kelly Sallows-Cole, Commercial Director at Healthy Performance Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Wear it Pink day, always prompts me to remind my friends and my loved ones to check your boobs! If I have learnt anything over these years that is; you are never too young to get Breast Cancer. You don’t have to … Read more

National Cholesterol Month 2021: Why should you care about your cholesterol levels?

National cholesterol month is an entire month dedicated to raising awareness of high cholesterol, the health implications and reducing your numbers. Cholesterol is a topic that many of us don’t really understand – we just know the word and that there is a good and bad version of it. So, what is cholesterol? Cholesterol is … Read more

Good food for a good mood: top 5 mood boosting food categories

There’s a well-known saying; ‘you are what you eat’ but most of us interpret this to relate to our appearance rather than our mood. Without a steady source of fuel from the foods we eat, our mind and bodies don’t function well. Blood sugar fluctuations and nutritional imbalances from unhealthy eating patters can often cause … Read more

Boosting Team Morale Post-Covid-19

Following the recent update from Boris Johnson, final Covid-19 restrictions are now expected to ease on 19th July. Some employees may be returning to the workplace after working from home for over a year, while others may be returning from furlough, having not worked at all for over a year. Employers and managers should be … Read more

Back pain costing the UK economy £20billion every year

Each year around a fifth of the population consult their GP about a musculoskeletal condition, which accounts for £5 billion of NHS spend and is the leading cause of working days lost.  Arthritis Research UK estimates its costs the economy £20 billion every year. With an ageing and increasingly obese population, and rates of physical activity … Read more

Movember: Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men in the UK. However, it has one of the best recovery rates of all cancers with 95% of those diagnosed making a full recovery, particularly if it’s diagnosed early – but for some men, long-term treatment-related side effects mean quality of life can be … Read more