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Slightly raised cholesterol in mid-life significantly increases a person's risk of heart disease

Having even slightly raised cholesterol in mid-life significantly increases a person’s risk of heart disease, research reveals. For every decade a person has even mildly elevated cholesterol between the ages of 35 and 55, their risk of heart disease could go up by nearly 40%, the study found. Leaving cholesterol unchecked is not a wise … Read more

A quick guide to cholesterol and the risk to your employees

Most employees that have a Healthy Performance health check will be aware that too much cholesterol can progress heart disease. Fewer employees will know that cholesterol comes in good and bad forms but, that’s where most people’s knowledge will end. Put simply – “Bad” (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) cholesterol clogs the arteries that pump blood … Read more

Lack of exercise 'kills more than obesity'

Physical inactivity is a cause of twice as many deaths as obesity, according to a major new study. However, we can reduce our risk of early death simply by taking a 20 minute brisk walk each day, researchers from Cambridge University said. In an analysis of several years of health data from more than 334,000 … Read more

Staying less stressed at your desk

In just over two weeks, the days will be a little longer and we’ll be welcoming the start of February.  Whilst some might start waning on their New Years Resolutions, there is a great excuse to keep up with the healthy lifestyle and that is to celebrate National Heart month.  We all have a heart so … Read more

Porridge could help boost a healthy life

Harvard University have conducted a major study which found that whole grains reduce the risk of heart disease, along with other major chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Researchers tracked more than 100,000 people for over than 14 years, monitoring diets and health outcomes. Everyone involved in the study was healthy in 1984 when … Read more