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Five million people at risk of diabetes by 2035


Health consultants have warned that 1 in 10 adults in the UK will be at risk of developing diabetes by 2035.  For the first time, Public Health England (PHE) forecasts the number of people with the disease could top five million if obesity rates continue to increase. The PHE analysis included type one, which is an auto-immune disease and … Read more

Diabetes and Physical Activity: More is better

A recent review of the relationship between physical activity and Type 2 diabetes has confirmed that any amount of physical activity we perform is beneficial to cutting our risks of developing diabetes. The current UK guidelines are to meet at least the 150mins of moderate intensity exercise (i.e. brisk walking/cycling) per week. But if you … Read more

Employee Stress and physiology

Employee stress

Monday 10th October was a busy day for the HP Team; as well as delivering health checks across 12 sites, we were also busy at many World Mental Health Day events that our clients had asked us to run.  We were aware of lots of organisations marking this event and who can blame them … … Read more