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Healthy BBQ food

Health and Wellbeing - Vegetables on the barbie

Healthy BBQ Food It can be very dull to have the same food every time you have a BBQ, so we asked our team for a few of their favourite recipes for us to share with you. Half roast chicken with lemon and garlic Take a piece of foil large enough to wrap around a … Read more

10,000 steps a day

Are you doing 10,000 steps a day

With a target of 10,000 steps a day, several of us at HP Towers have pedometers and are regularly checking up on each other’s achievements (healthy competition is always a good thing!). We’re interested to note recent media claims that the average Brit fails to get anywhere near the recommended daily steps.  A study that looked … Read more

Sleep a struggle this summer?

Is sleep an issue for you?

If you’ve struggled to get to sleep during the last few months due to the heat in your bedroom, you’re not alone.  When the thermometer starts to record temperatures that we’re just not used to in the UK, many people struggle to cope with poor sleep.  There are a variety of simple, yet practical ways … Read more

Workplace Health Screening at its Best

Workplace health screening

Workplace Health Screening at its Best We love it when our clients and their employees take the time to share feedback about their experience of working with us to deliver their onsite health screening and health and wellbeing initiatives.  Not only does their feedback allow us to monitor our quality and professionalism, we also use it to … Read more