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Top 10 tips: Improve health and wellbeing in your workplace

Workplaces with a culture of health and wellbeing are more than a happy place to work.  Decades of research has proven that a healthier workforce is more productive versus a company that does not promote this environment.  In today’s competitive global marketplace, a healthy culture has never been such a relevant strategy.  No matter where … Read more

Are there hidden health risks with jogging?

Miles Frost, the eldest son of Sir David Frost, passed away last weekend whilst out jogging.  Sadlly, Miles was only 31.  What makes this tragic story surprising is that Miles was said to be a fitness enthusiast who had previously run a half-marathon in the Lewa game reserve in Kenya – this is regarded as … Read more

Diabetes amputations hits a record of 135 a week in the UK

Diabetes UK has warned the Government to provide better care for diabetes sufferers as figures show the condition causes more than 135 amputations a week in the UK. Diabetes UK said the rate is increasing due to a huge increase in the number of people developing the condition, which is often linked to being overweight. The charity wants … Read more

Why do women live longer than men?

It has long been a well known fact that women live longer than men do. However, a new study published this week shows that this wasn’t always the case. The differences between men and women’s life expectancies began to emerge in the late 1800s. For the study, researchers analysed information from people born between 1800 … Read more

Surviving a heatwave

Today’s impending heatwave could see the temperature reach 35C (95F) and they are predicted to be high all week. As temperatures in Britain soar above those in Rio de Janeiro, a series of seasonal ailments once again rear their ugly heads. While the sun is out so are the health warnings.  Heatwaves can have a profound … Read more