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A healthy workplace creates happy and effective employees

The National Health Service watchdog NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has published guidance urging managers to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. NICE says healthier workplaces will not only benefit staff, but also increase the productivity of businesses. Each year more than a million working people in the … Read more

Improving employee health and wellbeing engagement levels

Health and Wellbeing programmes have come a long way since the days when the only offering from an employer was an Employee Assistance Program. Health events, stress and resilience training, promotion campaigns, health checks, online assessments and tailored workshops are just many of the services that organisations are now offering their workforce.  However, poor engagement levels can be … Read more

Employee health checks for men: the top 5 tests

We came across some research yesterday from a leading UK pharmacy chain that stated men across Britain are 20% less likely to visit their GP than females.  This isn’t due to men having better health and it is likely down to a reluctance for men to seek help.   Indeed, men are less likely to … Read more

Nuts could be the answer to help you live longer!

We are all constantly bombarded with contradicting messages about what we should and should not be eating.  However, there does seem to be some consistency with the benefits of eating nuts.  Many media outlets are today reporting that eating just half a handful of nuts every day could significantly decrease the risk of early death. … Read more

Employees urged to stand up for at least two hours a day in the office

Our headline today is unlikely to be new advice to many however, guidance published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine this week, warns that UK sedentary behaviour now accounts for 60% of people’s waking hours. The latest research was commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) as a growing body of evidence links prolonged periods of physical … Read more

How to tackle employee obesity

With more than half of the UK population heading for obesity by 2050, with an annual cost to society approaching £50 billion, it is easy to see why the media talks about an obesity crisis on a near-daily basis. So, how can employers, office workers and sedentary employees ensure that they don’t become one of … Read more

Obesity to become the main cause of cancer

Obesity will overtake smoking as the biggest cancer killer within the next 10 years, leading specialists predict.  The condition is already to blame for up to 32,000 cancer deaths in the UK each year, researchers warn. The warning was made at the world’s biggest conference on cancer, where it was revealed that obesity is killing … Read more