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Back Care Awareness Week 2021: Back Care in the Workplace

Many of us take priority in caring for our nutritional needs, ensuring we get enough physical activity and taking the time to look after our mental health. But what do you do to take care of your back and other joints?

When you hear the phrase ‘back care’, you probably think about trying not to tweak a muscle while gardening or focusing on lifting with your knees when carrying heavy items. But joint and muscle pain, or musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions aren’t only prevalent in our personal lives, they’re also extremely common in the workplace.

Back care consists of any of several approaches used to restore or maintain a healthy, pain-free back, with regular DSE (display screen equipment) being one of these approaches for desk or office-based workers.

In April this year (2021) we launched HealthyWorkstation, a new online tool that addresses not only traditional risk assessments but empowers the employee to reflect on the work practices and habits during both working and non-working hours.

Why did we create HealthyWorkstation?

In 2020, MSK conditions contributed to 8.9 million days being lost at work and totalling 15.4% of sickness absence in the UK according to an Office for National Statistics survey.

Behind only mental health conditions, musculoskeletal disorders continue to be one of the main causes of work-related illness accounting for 30% of all new and long-standing work-related ill health.

Office and desk-based work continues to be a contributing factor to the onset of employees aches and pains and a study by Bupa found that 63% of people currently working from home say they are experiencing more aches and pains since this transition during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The world has changed rapidly since 2020 and up to half of the UK workforce has transitioned to working from home. HealthyWorkstation allows you to manage your entire workforce simply, effectively and with great value for money.

So, what is HealthyWorkstation?

HealthyWorkstation is the UK’s newest online DSE assessment tool, enabling employees to complete an assessment based on both their home and or work set ups.

Our digital platform allows companies to manage their legal obligation to carry out regular DSE workstation assessment, as part of the Health and Safety regulations, while also reducing absenteeism by highlighting any areas for change either at home or in the workplace.

HealthyWorkstation removes the need for unnecessary paperwork and manual filing as employers can access an admin area which displays uptake levels, employee assessment results and key highlights, as well as a company overview report.

Referral pathways can also be incorporated such as physiotherapy, occupational health, eye care providers and others to ensure that all existing pathways are promoted within the tool and that employees receive the support and care that they require.

Back care guides from Healthy Performance

With MSK conditions so prevalent in the workplace, we have also put together a series of video and PDF guides to ensure that both employers and employees have the resources that they need to reduce and manage back pain, correctly set up workstations and learn about the best posture for a healthy back.

Visit our Take5 resource library here:

To understand how Healthy Performance can help you to easily meet your DSE legal obligations and with great value for money, you can find out more about HealthyWorkstation and enquire here:

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