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Demonstrating ROI is top priority for HR

Over a third (35%) of respondents have stated that a return on investment (ROI) is their number one priority over the next year.  This is according to research undertaken by PMI Health Group and conducted by Imperial College Business School.

Job stress can raise ‘bad cholesterol’ levels

A stressful job may lead to higher cholesterol levels – which can increase your risk of heart disease, a stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. Spanish research investigated the link between job stress and lipid (fat) levels in the blood of more than 90,000 people. The research found that people who experienced difficulties coping with their job … Read more

Employee Wellbeing in Other Countries

Employee Wellbeing in Other Countries Despite a tough year for many UK organisations, Health & Wellbeing initiatives are now more popular than ever to enhance employee wellbeing, tackles stress, engage employees and improve performance. The power of Employee Health is huge. When you consider a healthy employee is 20% more productive than an unhealthy colleague … Read more

UK is only at number 12 in the European Health Table according to recent report

UK is only at number 12 in the European Health Table The UK is only at number 12 in the European Health Table according to a recent report. Although average life expectancy has risen by four years since 1990, the report suggests we need to increase our strategy for tackling preventable problems such as heart … Read more

Water water everywhere

Water water everywhere
Water is one of the most important elements on earth – We use water for almost every function that takes place within our body. Surprisingly however, it is often the most overlooked substances in the body.
Our bodily fluid stat…

Nutrition at Work

Many of us our confined to our desks for 7-8 hours a day and as a result, find it difficult to get proper nutrition during the working day. In today’s fast passed society nutrition is as important as ever. Salty, fatty or sugary snacks from the office …

Another Health Scare!

Importance of blood testing!

More shocking news has surfaced in the world of football – this time in the form of leukaemia. The Aston Villa captain, Stiliyan Petrov, 32, has been diagnosed with an acute type of the disease. Petrov’s leukaemia was only uncovered when the Aston Villa squad underwent heart screening and blood tests in the wake of Fabrice Muamba’s cardiac arrest a few weeks ago. 48 hours after the tests, he was told he was suffering from leukaemia and was booked in for treatment to begin immediately.

Health Checks

Health Checks to retain and recruit staff

Onsite health screening for retaining/recruiting quality staff


The wellbeing of your employees is probably the single most important factor to be addressed as an employer. Wellbeing programs are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, as employers recognise the direct correlation between healthy employees and overall company performance.

Are you good in bed?

Are you good in bed?


We spend, on average, approximately one third of our lives asleep.  Along with eating, drinking and breathing, sleeping is one of the pillars for maintaining good mental health, wellbeing and physical health.