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A healthy workplace creates happy and effective employees

The National Health Service watchdog NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has published guidance urging managers to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff.

NICE says healthier workplaces will not only benefit staff, but also increase the productivity of businesses. Each year more than a million working people in the UK experience a work-related illness. This leads to around 27 million lost working days costing the UK economy an estimated £13.4 billion.

Recommendations within the NICE document include encouraging staff to incorporate exercise into their working days, by taking the stairs, walking to the office or going for a jog at lunch.  The guidance also tells managers to carry out ‘posture’ reviews to ensure employees are not at risk of back ache or repetitive strain injuries caused by typing.

NICE says the toll on employees could be significantly reduced by managers taking simple steps to create a ‘positive environment’.  Other recommendations for managers include letting staff be ‘flexible’ with their hours and allowing them to have a proper work-life balance.  Bosses are also told not to ignore other workers’ suggestions and that they mustn’t feel ‘threatened’ by junior colleagues who are very good.

It has long been clear to Healthy Performance that health-promoting workplaces are obviously good for millions of employees and therefore, for taxpayers.  The NICE guidance is particularly welcome as it highlights the need for all employers – public and private – to raise health and wellbeing standards nationally.

With nearly a decade of experience in successfully implementing and managing health and wellbeing programmes to SME’s, Public and Corporate clients, the award winning Healthy Performance team have created an online solution which allows organisations to easily implement their own wellbeing programme! 

Healthy Cloud is the perfect tool to help engage and motivate employees whilst saving time, money and resources. Healthy Cloud is an extremely effective, low-cost annual programme that will allow you to deliver key health messages across the year, benchmark key data and monitor employee engagement.
For just £175.00 + vat per month you will receive the following:

     Branded Annual Health and Wellbeing Programme

     Monthly Health and Wellbeing Newsletter

     Personalised Health and Wellbeing Events Calendar

     Access to MyWellbeingCheckLite, engaging online health assessment tool

     Monthly Wellbeing Poster

     Health and Wellbeing Employee Survey

     Company Health Report allowing you to identify health hotspots and trends

     Discounts on Health and Wellbeing services

To subscribe to Healthy Cloud, and start taking a proactive approach to health and wellbeing today, please call  01295 230120 or email


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