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Staying less stressed at your desk

In just over two weeks, the days will be a little longer and we’ll be welcoming the start of February.  Whilst some might start waning on their New Years Resolutions, there is a great excuse to keep up with the healthy lifestyle and that is to celebrate National Heart month.  We all have a heart so we all need to ensure that we take care of it.

Keeping your heart healthy whatever your age is the most important thing you can do to help prevent and manage heart disease.  However, with so many of us working in a sedentary environment, it might not be surprising to learn that mental and physical tension can be caused by long hours spent hunched over a desk or at a computer combined with pressures of work.

When you are busy with work it is very easy to miss the warning signs of tension building up. To avoid this happening, make sure that you take regular short breaks to check your posture and break up long periods of inactivity with movement to prevent muscles stiffening and joints seizing up. Doing a few stretching exercises whilst sitting or standing can relieve tense muscles.

You can make some simple lifestyle changes, which could reduce your risk of getting Heart Disease, these include:

eating a healthy, balanced diet

being physically active

giving up smoking

controlling blood cholesterol and sugar levels

reducing high blood pressure

From a business angle, Healthy Performance offer a wide range of support packages designed to assist employers to improve positive health and wellbeing in the workplace and help businesses that have an issue with stress.

In compliance with HSE regulations and employment law, and as part of our strategy to improve employee health and wellbeing we provide a series of organisational stress/wellbeing audits, ideal for identifying stress related issues and allowing you to take a proactive approach to employee wellbeing.

 Using an organisation friendly staff survey (electronically and/or paper based), we measure the type and levels of stress inducing activity within an organisation identifying ‘hot spots’ requiring urgent action and also providing sound ‘management change’ based guidance; enabling you to achieve healthier results through key performance indicators. And above all, we can manage the whole programme from start to finish.  

Please contact us for more information on our range of services including our Organisational Stress Audits and Stress Training for managers/employees.

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