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Action urgently needed to curb sugar intake

Two groups of experts from the World Health Organization and UK government advisers in England have have come out in favour of a reduction in sugar consumption.

They have stated that the target to reduce sugar consumption should be much more ambitious than its current levels.  The new advice is that it should account for 5% of energy intake – down from 10%.

Now another study published in the BMC Public Health journal suggests the target should be even lower –  no more than 3%.

The target of 5% of energy intake from free sugars amounts to 25g for women (five to six teaspoons) and 35g (seven to eight teaspoons) for men, based on the average diet.

One 330ml can of fizzy pop would take a typical adult up to the proposed 5% daily allowance, without factoring in sugar from any other source.

Both of the authors of the study are part of the Action on Sugar campaign group, which has been calling for tough measure to combat sugar consumption.

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