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Want to improve your health and wellbeing? Get on your bike!

A study that has just been released by the University of East Anglia has revealed that employees who switch from driving a car to walking or cycling to work will see an improvement in their wellbeing.

The physical health benefits of exercise have already been well d and this study reinforces the idea that there are positive psychological effects too.

Active commuters revealed that they felt better able to concentrate and under less strain than when travelling by car.  Even going by public transport was preferable to driving, data from 18,000 UK commuters over 10 years suggested.

The study used data on nearly 18,000 adult commuters from across the UK over 18 years.

Out of this group, 73% said they went to work by car, 13% walked and 3% cycled to work. About 11% used public transport on their commute.

Those who had an active commute were found to have a higher level of wellbeing than those who went by car or public transport.

When researchers analysed the wellbeing of a small group who swapped the car or bus for a bike or going on foot, they found they became happier after the switch.

The study looked at feelings of worthlessness, unhappiness, sleepless nights, and being unable to face problems. The researchers also accounted for numerous factors known to affect wellbeing, including income, having children, moving house or job, and relationship changes.

Healthy Performance recently launched a pedometer challenge for a major international car manufacturer to help promote the benefits of walking.  Our new software ensures that the challenge is accurate and motivating for all employees and is a welcome addition to our growing list of Health Promotional Events.

To read the full article, please click here.

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