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What does a portion of fruit or veg look like?

Choose fruit and veg

  What’s a portion of fruit or veg? With a recent study on how much fruit or veg we should be eating daily revealing that 10 portions a day is best for our overall health, it had us thinking about what a portion of fruit or veg actually is. Most studies and guidelines state that … Read more

Exciting Cancer Detection Breakthrough

Detecting cancer earlier with a blood test

A recent lung cancer research project, funded by Cancer Research UK has found that the recurrence of cancer could be detected up to a year before any other method currently available to medicine.  In this exciting study, the UK research team examined blood for signs of cancer that were impossible to see on X-ray or … Read more

Sleep Quality and Wellbeing

25% of us struggle to get adequate sleep

  A recent study found that increases in the quality and quantity of our sleep were associated with positive improvements in our health and wellbeing. This echoes similar findings from a Sleep Council survey that found a good night’s sleep left people feeling happier, more positive, and more productive the next day. This tells us … Read more

Type 2 Diabetes and Lifestyle

Type 2 Diabetes and Lifestyle

Diabetes week is June 11th-17th and the theme is ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes’.  We thought we would look at what diabetes is and explore some of the key lifestyle factors that are linked with preventing Type 2 diabetes. What is diabetes? Diabetes is characterised by a high blood glucose level, due to the body losing … Read more