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Thames Water make long-term investment in their employee’s health and wellbeing

Thames Water Employee Health and Wellbeing

Thames Water make long-term investment in their employee’s health and wellbeing

We are delighted to announce that Healthy Performance have been selected by Thames Water to deliver their employee health and wellbeing initiatives for the next eight years.

Thames Water have been working in partnership with Healthy Performance for the last six years to deliver both physical and mental health initiatives achieving some amazing results along the way.

Our relationship began back in 2014 when Healthy Performance were selected to deliver onsite health assessments. Since then, our relationship has evolved into what today, feels more like a partnership.

Healthy Performance now supports Thames Water’s workforce through 35minute health assessments including blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, body composition and also additional blood tests for thyroid, liver function and prostate cancer.  We also provide thousands of flu vaccinations/vouchers each year, plus our innovative mental health support platform, Pascal.

Wayne Campbell, Managing Director of Healthy Performance commented: “We are delighted to have secured a long-term contract with our friends at Thames Water.  Over the last six years, we’ve developed a fantastic relationship and have seen an increased uptake in both health assessments and flu vaccines.  Pascal® landed very well last year to support the industry-leading work that Thames Water already do in this area.  We are really looking forward to inspiring more and more of the Thames Water team to become healthier in the future”.

When asked about the continued partnership with Healthy Performance Karl Simons, Health, Safety, Security and Wellbeing Director commented: “Healthy Performance provide us with a level of service that I haven’t seen before in any of the organisations that have worked for or on our behalf in terms of the medical field”.

What really sets Healthy Performance apart from our competition as the UK’s leading wellbeing provider is our booking system, advanced organisational reports and ability to drive employee engagement and lifestyle changes.

The booking system is key to the success of our health assessment service allowing employees to seamlessly register to attend an assessment at their convenience whilst also taking hours of administration away from the organisation.

With the help of the booking system, HR/ wellbeing teams can simply sit back and watch the numbers going up at each site. Our operations team proactively analyse uptake to understand how to make events as successful as possible and if uptake is really strong at one site, and not so good at another, we work with our clients to make the project work as effectively as possible.

When asked about our booking system Aimee Cain, Occupational & Wellbeing Manager, went on to comment: “The booking system is a great tool and I think that’s a real credit to Healthy Performance. Our employees have never had any issues whatsoever. It’s extremely straightforward and ultimately it’s just really efficient”.

Thames Water also use our booking system all year round to manage a host of internal events.  Want to see what all the fuss is about? Enquire about using our booking system today.

Our company report is another of our key differentiators and has been instrumental in helping Thames Water to continually develop and improve their employee wellbeing strategy, understanding what is working in each of their key business units to help them to design a highly effective wellbeing strategy. This advanced level of data analysis has been pivotal in enabling the Thames Waters management team to continuously improve their employee health and wellbeing support.

When asked about the impact of the organisation report Aimee commented “As a Health Manager in the workplace, I need to understand what the health risks are to my employees. A really good example of this was that this year 45% of our employees who had a medical last year reported sleeping difficulties or ineffective sleep. Subsequently, we’ve planned a really big programme around sleep, fatigue and how we improve sleep for our employees. It’s a small example, but it’s really important on how we move forward”.  Karl added “In the tens of thousands of assessments that we’ve undertaken Healthy Performance have provided us with a report that has been absolutely superb. It’s on the money, every year allowing me to invest in the areas I need to”.

Click here for a sneak peek at one of our company reports.

Most importantly for Thames Water and our hundreds of other clients, our services make a real, tangible difference to their employee’s lives. Our health assessments cover the main health risks such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and also body composition, to name a few. Our health and wellbeing advisors provide employees with the knowledge to make positive lifestyle changes. It’s not just lifestyle either, many of our clients including Thames Water, are utilising our additional blood tests for early identification of potentially life-threatening cancers.

Here’s what Karl had to say about the impact the additional blood tests have had.  “You guys came to us with a new way of testing for prostate cancer, which used to be done via a needle in the arm, now it’s just a little finger prick and a squeeze of the finger.  The outcomes have been remarkable. Since introducing this method we’ve seen participation go from 200-300 people a year to over 1,000 because of the simplicity.  Subsequently, we’ve had lots of abnormal results for prostate cancer which has then trigger people to go to their GP.

I’ve had 15 people within the company phone me up and say thank you very much, you’ve identified I have prostate cancer. There were no signs or symptoms but because it’s an early diagnosis these people now know about it and are getting help and support. To me that’s real proactive, wellbeing and Healthy Performance makes this possible”.

Want to take your employee health and wellbeing to the next level? Get in touch today for more information.

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