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Healthy Performance MD is a hit on Men’s Radio Station debut

If you didn’t know already, Men’s Radio Station is a ground-breaking radio station that offers practical and emotional support for qualified experts, on a wide variety of subjects. Its goal is to share knowledge, ideas, and solutions across the spectrum of men’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Healthy Performance Managing Director, Wayne Campbell recently had the pleasure of being invited on air by Business Hour host Karl Simons to discuss mental health at work.

On the show, Wayne openly discussed his journey and how mental resilience has helped him to bounce back from multiple setbacks to achieve his ambitions. Wayne also went on to discuss how his company, Healthy Performance are enabling other organisations to provide better physical and mental health support to staff through the collection of physiological and psychological data.

Wayne and Karl on Men's Health Radio

On air, Karl quizzed Wayne on the rise of Healthy Performance, the journey the company has been on so far, and how mental resilience has been key to success.

The Healthy Performance journey began back in 2009 after Wayne was made redundant from his position of Head of Sports Science & Fitness at Derby County Football Club. The cold reality of the football industry means that when a new manager is appointed there’s often an exodus of background staff.

“The reason that I set Healthy Performance up was to inspire people to be healthier, that was the main objective.

In the early days, I set myself a target of making 50 sales calls a day, which worked out to be 1,000 calls a month. Most months I was rejected 999/1,000. It was a huge rejection rate, and of those, 95% of the people that I spoke to didn’t really understand what I was talking about. Back then nobody understood about wellbeing or the importance of educating people around wellbeing.

In fact, it took me 14 months to get our first client. It’s because of this journey and my passion that I’ve personally become a very resilient person”.

Today, Healthy Performance are an award-winning health and wellbeing provider that supports over 300 companies and delivers over 30,000 health assessments every year! And it’s not just physical health that we support.

In addition to our health assessments that look at blood sugar levels, cholesterol, body composition and much more, we also provide employees with the ability to self-assess their own mental health and work-life balance.

Whilst on-air, Wayne was asked to elaborate upon how Healthy Performance are helping employers to support their staff’s health through psychological health assessments in addition to physiological health assessments.

“During 2017/2018 we spoke to a lot of people who were saying there’s nothing out there that looks at mental health from both a work and a home perspective. There are some tools out there for work and some tools out there for home, but there was nothing that combined the two together”.

Innovation is something that we pride ourselves on at Healthy Performance which is why in 2018 we created our very own online mental health support tool called Pascal.

Wayne went on to add, “Pascal is something that not only gives the organisation an aggregated, anonymised report to identify things that may be happening in the organisation but most importantly it supports the individual person with a dashboard and a report with referral pathways.

Pascal includes a very simple, self-assessment that anyone within an organisation can undertake and upon completion, it provides them with information on where their triggers or high levels of stress are coming from between work and home life.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete, we could have made it 1 hour long but one of the most important things about mental health is that we want to engage people, we want to give them some interest in what’s in it for them, and what’s in it for them is support mechanisms”.

Through our range of wellbeing solutions, such as Pascal, MyWellbeingCheck and our onsite health assessments we’re helping businesses to link physiological and psychological wellbeing data to provide an accurate picture of the overall business health.

Due to the sophistication of our reporting platform, we’re also able to segment company data by division and/or location. The ability to analyse wellbeing data on a more granular level helps businesses to understand localised health and wellbeing needs and adapt their wellbeing strategy accordingly.

If you’d like to hear more from the day then you can catch up and watch the interview as a podcast here.

For more information on how Healthy Performance are helping businesses to revolutions their health and wellbeing strategy then please get in touch today.

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