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Why consider health screening at work?

We all have to have our car serviced and MOT’d but how often do we have our own health checked? And would we actually pass a ‘Health MOT’?

Just as a car needs ongoing care and maintenance we also need to keep our bodies in check to make sure we continue to run smoothly and reduce the risk of unwanted health issues.

Offering health screening to staff is a great way to motivate and engage staff and deliver key message surrounding health. Carried out onsite, health checks can be affordable and flexible around your budget and employees.  Health screening at work can be offered as a part of a flexible benefits package, funded by the company or as a part or self-funded option.

Playing an integral part in any proactive health and wellbeing strategy, it can highlight health issues that could ultimately impact on employee health. The organisational benefits of health screening include improved productivity, reduced absence, staff retention and recruitment plus much more.   It allows the employer to gauge the current health of its employees and then take proactive approach to wellbeing.

What you can measure, you can improve!   After each assessment, employees receive a confidential health report (on the SAME day) highlighting improvement areas and valuable advice/recommendations from our team.   At this point, most providers offering this service will just send you the invoice but at Healthy Performance we then go a step further by providing an Organisational Health Report (which can be segmented by location, department etc).  It is from here that you can develop a proactive Workplace Health & Wellbeing strategy to support organisational development and employee performance.
Onsite employee health screening options can be tailored around your budget and requirements. We deliver high quality health screening programmes carried out at your workplace by trained health professionals.
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