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Use onsite health screening to retain and recruit!

Health and wellbeing programs are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, as employers recognise the direct correlation between healthy employees and company performance. A healthy happy workforce will experience increased motivation, engagement and productivity and history shows us that organisations who take a proactive approach to their employee health often retain and recruit the best staff.  After all, it’s no coincidence that over 40% of this year’s ‘Times Top 100 Companies to Work For’ had a ‘highly ranked’ wellbeing programme.

Employee health checks are an important part of any wellbeing programme because it helps to identify potential health issues in their early stages and gives you the opportunity to take a very proactive approach to health and wellbeing. Screening can consist of basic checks (blood pressure, cholesterol etc.) through to more comprehensive options including full lipid cholesterol and blood profiling.

According to reports, onsite health screening is among the best attended wellbeing initiatives as it is engaging, relevant and adds value to employee benefits. Healthy Performance carry out health screening on-site at your premises to reduce time staff are away from their desk and we provide all results instantly on the same day!   We also produce a Company Health Report Summary showing specific areas where improvements can be made. This is a key element to improving employee health and wellbeing as you can target specific areas that can have an instant impact on health and performance.

Do you want to be an employer of choice? Of course you do. The title suggests that you are an employer who attracts and retains talented, committed, loyal individuals through employee wellness.   In a competitive and challenging marketplace, the race for the best candidates is more crucial than ever.   Even if you could offer salaries above the average – that doesn’t make you an employer of choice. The use of wellbeing programmes will help demonstrate to employees that they are valued not just in monetary terms.

Organisations that pay particular attention to the health and wellbeing of their employees will often find themselves to be in an excellent position where they are regarded as a top employer. This reflects itself in happy and dedicated existing staff as well as new employees seeking to work for your organisation.

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