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How to exercise in winter

Exercising in Winter
It can be a hard time of year to maintain exercise

It can be a hard time of year to maintain exercise frequency, but it is really important that we do.  A break of a couple of months can really impact on your fitness and training goals, not to mention weight management, at a time of year when we might be generally less active and eat more hearty foods.  If you like to exercise outside there is no need to stop completely over winter, but there is a need to do things differently. Here are our top tips for keeping going when the weather is less favourable.
Layer up
You will need to stay warm, so make sure that you wear an extra layer, but remember you will generate heat as you train so don’t overdo it. Wear a hat and thin gloves and go for running tights instead of shorts.
Get prepared
It seems obvious but check the weather report!  Look out for wind and rain, ice, fog and snow. If you know what’s coming your way, you can be prepared. Select the right clothes, but also think about your bike or running route and change it if necessary.  Wear bright clothing or take a head torch if you’re out when it’s dark.
Be realistic
You may need to reduce the intensity, duration or type of exercise over the winter. Be flexible with what you want to achieve.  Now is not the time to break records and remember, a different workout is better than no workout at all.
Warm up properly
You will need to extend your warm-up or move it to inside on cold days. This is to reduce the risk of injury from training on cold, stiff muscles and joints.
Go indoors
You may wish to consider switching totally to indoor training for the worst of the winter and until the evenings get lighter, if you’re an after-work exerciser.  Check out local classes and gyms, get a turbo trainer for your bike or invest in a treadmill or rowing machine.
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