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“Avoiding common mistakes when creating a wellbeing strategy”

This webinar took place Monday 4th March.  We do not have a recording of this webinar.  

To support the webinar we promised a downloadable document Engaging Employees for Wellbeing Success – please click here for your copy.

Top Take Away Points

  1. Senior management buy in
  2. Encourage your best people to drive it forward
  3. Identify employee needs – MyWellbeingCheck ®
  4. Communication is key
  5. Start slowly and build on success
  6. Enhance capability of Line managers
  7. Evaluate and measure success


At the end of the webinar we provided you with a link to MyWellbeingCheck®, an ideal tool, to use with dispersed workforce, to engage a workforce at the start of a wellbeing programme and to annually benchmark your progress.

Visit v2.mywellbeingcheck.co.uk

Enter Code:  ENERGY

MyWellbeingCheck® is a short but engaging online wellbeing assessment, covering 9 key lifestyle areas.  It allows people to identify their individual wellbeing and lifestyle risks whilst offering a range of resources and support.  MyWellbeingCheck® is also the perfect tool to help target wellbeing ‘hot spots’ within your organisation.  On completion of MyWellbeingCheck® users can access an online support and advice resource called Take5.  This library contains over 200 videos, podcast and downloadable PDF documents.  Advice and support are tailored to the needs of the user based on how they respond. Users can also be signposted to existing.


“Address mental health and wellbeing in the workplace with confidence”

This webinar has now taken place. However, you can watch it again here (registration is required).

Top Takeaway points

  1. Get leadership commitment from the start
  2. Build a robust business case and try and demonstrate a clear ROI
  3. Use data to guide your focus and interventions
  4. Appoint key people in your organisation to drive your programme forward
  5. Communicate effectively across multiple channels. Stay transparent to maintain employee engagement and build trust
  6. Get people talking about it!


Before the webinar, a trial link was sent to all attendees if you missed this link please contact us and we will organise the information to be sent to you.  Pascal® is the online tool designed to help organisations gauge levels of pressure and stress among their workers. Building on validated stress management standards, and responding to a gap in the market, Pascal® is the first stress audit tool of its kind to include a work and home split of results coupled with the flexibility to include bespoke questions and specific referral pathways available within an organisation.

What our clients have said about Pascal

“It is simple and easy to use” 

“The report was also good especially as it signposts different agencies/advice”

  “It also encourages the individual to do their own action plan, because whilst we want to support people, ultimately they have to take responsibility for their own wellbeing”


Using validated HSE questions combined with other key topics, Pascal is the first of its kind to provide a unique dashboard separating home and work issues, allowing you to personalise your employee’s journey with bespoke questions and referral pathways.  Download information about Pascal here.

To help people cope with life’s challenges and find a better balance, Pascal™ provides users with an opportunity to access a ‘Take5’ resource library containing a wealth of videos, podcasts and help sheets.  Here are two examples of the type of support that is available through Take5.

A Stress Diary Template

Stress diaries can be important for understanding the causes of short-term stress
and they give an important insight into how you react to certain stressful situations.
As well as helping you capture and analyse the most common sources of stress
in your life, a stress diary can help you to understand stress levels and triggers,
plus how to develop coping mechanisms.

A wide selection of podcasts and videos.

This webinar has now taken place. However, you can watch it again here (registration is required).

More information on Pascal or other Healthy Performance services please contact team@healthyperformance.co.uk

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