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Healthy eating tips for employees

For employees, it is essential to learn how to healthy eating whilst at work as they spend the majority of their days and weeks within the working environment. Therefore, what they choose to eat during these hours influences their health and fitness levels which will impact on absenteeism and productivity.
It can be very challenging at times for employees to access the same times of meals as they would when they are at home, even more so for people that travel a lot; however, it is not impossible. It comes down to preparation and will-power to make long term healthier choices at work.
Here are some tips to pass onto your employees for them implement during their working days and weeks:

  • Bring fresh fruit to work each day (or bring it all at the start of the week) so when you are hungry mid morning or mid afternoon you can choose a piece of fruit as opposed to biscuits or other fast food options.
  • Ensure each meal has some fruit, salad or vegetables in i.e. banana & dried fruit, smoothies or fruit juice with breakfast plus salad, fruit or vegetables with lunch and your evening meal.
  • Make sure you consume a range of colourful fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
  • Choose wholegrain or wholemeal options for sandwiches, toast, pastas and rices.
  • Prepare your hot meals ahead of time i.e. at weekend and freeze, so you can bring a main meal which can be re-heated or cooked at work.
  • Bring soup in a flask as a warm alternative in the winter and have it as a snack or with your lunch.
  • Drink water on a regular basis. Aim to have at least 1 cup of water in between each tea or coffee you consume. If you work out in the field then be prepared with bottles of water.
  • Another tip for water is to full up a 1 litre bottle at the start of each day and aim to drink it before the end of work.
  • Take water to meetings to minimise the amount of caffeine you drink.
  • Avoid saying yes when people offer to make you a drink. Decide if you need another caffeinated drink first and then if so, get up and make it yourself to keep moving.
  • Choose semi skimmed milk over full fat milk in your tea’s and coffees and try to avoid adding sugar (or limiting it to begin with).
Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating

Employees should focus on making one change at a time and when it becomes part of their routine then focus on another. Treats are perfectly fine from time to time but making each day full with healthy balanced meals will improve your energy, concentration and overall health.

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