Choose fruit and veg

Fruit, veg and stress reduction


Choose fruit and veg to help reduce stress

Choose fruit and veg to help reduce stress

Stress is something we all feel from time-to-time so you may be interested to hear that fruit and veg might help.

Reaching for a piece of fruit might not be everyone’s first thought when stress starts to take hold, but a recent study has highlighted a potential link between fruit and vegetable consumption and reduced incidence of psychological distress, particularly in middle aged women.

In the study, published in BMJ Open, adults who consumed between five and seven portions of fruit and veg a day had a 14% lower risk of stress than those consuming zero to four servings.

But when looking at it through specific genders, women who ate five to seven portions a day were 23% less likely to be affected than those who ate only up to one portion a day.

So if your to do list is looking rather daunting today, it might be time to raid the fruit bowl…