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A third of Alzheimer's cases are preventable, new research has revealed

New research from the University of Cambridge has revealed that 1 in 3 cases of Alzheimer’s disease throughout the world is preventable. 

The research has also revealed that the main risk factors for the disease are a lack of exercise, smoking, depression and poor education.

The Cambridge team analysed population-based data to work out the main seven risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease.  These are:


Mid-life hypertension

Mid-life obesity

Physical inactivity



Low educational attainment

They worked out that a third of Alzheimer’s cases could be linked to lifestyle factors that could be modified, such as lack of exercise and smoking.

This research comes in a week when new NHS proposals have been released to encourage middle-aged people to cut out alcohol to reduce their risk of dementia.  This advice will be part of new health checks from the age of 40.

The recommendations say a current system offering all patients a mid-life MOT at their GP surgery should be expanded to provide millions of adults with advice on protecting themselves from the dementia.

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