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Weight gain can be linked to child birth

A major European obesity investigation has called for urgent action to prevent obesity in women of child-bearing age.

The authors, including a team from Edinburgh University, say children born to overweight mothers are at greater risk of health problems in later life.

They say every pregnant woman should have access to dieticians and psychologists to help protect the health of their future children.

In one of the most extensive studies to question whether the health of mothers-to-be can have long-term consequences on their offspring, scientists pulled together several pieces of research across Europe.

One key study, involving 13,000 individuals, revealed that babies born to overweight mothers are more likely to suffer heart disease or strokes or develop type 2 diabetes in later life.

Another analysis from Edinburgh University found that obese women eat a diet richer in saturated fats and poorer in vitamins and minerals during their pregnancy compared to slim women.

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