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Waist training: can it really be safe for your employees?

Up at Healthy Performance Towers, we came across a video on the BBC website yesterday about a new weight loss craze, waist training.  Waist training has become a regular and controversial talking point on social media sites and its popularity has risen in part, thanks to celebrity endorsement from the likes of Kim Kardashian.

What is it?

Waist training involves wearing a device made from tight material – think of a modern-day, gym-friendly version a Victorian corset – for long periods of time in the hope of changing the body. Hundreds of thousands of people have been sharing their experiences of waist trainers online and their attempts to lose weight in the supposed right places, but there’s also been a backlash against them.

What is wrong with this method?

You probably don’t need to be a qualified GP to realize that “training” your waist to shrink sounds like a bad thing to do. In fact, experts generally agree that there’s no way it can really work—and it might do real bodily harm.
Waist trainers work by constricting the abdominal walls, which is where important muscle and adipose tissue sits to protect your internal organs. When you constrict this area, it stops blood flow getting to this tissue, and therefore to those organs.  Additionally, when constricting, your body cannot release fat from that area. This means it actually could even start gathering fat in the waist area, as this area can’t free up any fatty acids.
The secret as always can usually be attributed to one key aspect in our lives – balance. The most realistic method to achieving a slim and toned waist, without causing serious damage to your bone structure(!), lies in exercise and diet.
If any of your employees are concerned about their weight or health generally then a comprehensive health check can be an enormous benefit.  With a ‘same day’ health report, your staff will get a snapshot of their health – once they know their numbers then your staff can begin to make informed lifestyle changes.  After all, if you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it!  If you think an employee health screening programme is something that would be of benefit your employees, then please contact a professional and trained member of our team on 0844 4325849 (HEALTHY).

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