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Onsite employee health checks can save lives

Thames Water lead the way with employee wellbeing
Thames Water – employee wellbeing role model

Our client, Thames Water has shared some amazing stories following the recent onsite employee health checks we delivered for their staff.
Two employees, in particular, were very grateful to their employer for providing the health checks or ‘PMAs’ (personal medical assessments) as they have potentially saved their lives.  Serious health issues were flagged up during their appointments and both were told to take immediate action by their health assessor.
Following his appointment, Donald Allison, 52, operations manager, is now on medication to reduce his heart rate after it was discovered he was minutes away from having a heart attack.
Whilst field operations manager, Paul Gilbert, 59, is now undergoing a course of treatment after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Paul admitted to “feeling fine” ahead of his PMA but received a call five days after from the healthcare professional telling him his prostate results had come back very high and he needed to see his GP immediately.  He went to his GP who referred him straight to the hospital for further tests, MIR and CAT scans and he is in discussions with his doctors about the best course of action.
Donald also felt fine when he walked into his assessment but his assessor found that his blood pressure was very high.  “I was basically a walking time-bomb, I could have had a heart attack at any point.  “I was fine, but he told me to go the A&E department immediately, not to drive and to get it checked out. I felt a bit stupid, I was in A&E doing work emails.”
Donald is now on a course of treatment to reduce his heart rate, and it’s already working. Along with that, he’s currently undergoing tests after a possible heart murmur was discovered.
Paul said, “Thames Water has potentially saved my life,” and he urged his colleagues to go for the check-up, adding: “I’m glad I went for it, and I’d recommend everybody goes for it. It could save your life.”
The whole team at Healthy Performance send our very best wishes to both Donald and Paul.
Stories like these bring it home to us all at Healthy Performance the importance of health screening and we are proud to support companies like Thames Water who are leading the way with onsite employee health check provision.
If you’d like to talk to us about offering onsite employee health checks in your organisation, contact us via our website, email us at or call us on 0800 1701777.
Click here to the full article on the Thames Water website.

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