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Maintaining employee motivation

After the initial burst and excitement in the New Year of starting something new and implementing a change in lifestyle, employees tend to then have the customary dip in effort, energy, and excitement after a few weeks; in essence, we all tend tend to slipping back into our old ways.

But there is no need to worry, this is a very common and normal response. If employees are pushing themselves too far mentally or physically, or depriving themselves and taking the fun out of it all, eventually their mind and body will start to break down. They are unable to sustain high levels of performance (relatively speaking) all the time.
Here are a few HP tips on that you can pass onto your employees so they can keep themselves on track:

  1. Refer back to your plan
  1. Reassess where you are at
  • Is your plan working? Have you progressed or reached your weekly goals? What’s working, what’s not?
  1. Mix it up!
  • Make sure you add some variety into your weekly routines, whether its changing your normal walking path or trying a new lunch recipe, variety keeps you stimulated and help spike motivation levels.
  1. Make use of technology
  • Download apps, jump on social media and make use of the numerous ways you can increase your knowledge and ideas base.  Through the click of a button to gain daily recipes, workout ideas, and health tips to keep pushing you along.
  1. Reward yourself
  • Make sure you celebrate and reward yourself when you hit one of your targets; positive reinforcement plays a big role in keeping yourself on track!

As the old quote goes, encourage your staff to, “eat clean, drink water, stay active, be healthy“.

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