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Health Screening – The Healthy Performance Way

Whether you currently run a health and wellbeing programme or if it is on your business agenda for the future – employee health screening should be your number one priority!

Not only is health screening the most popular and well attended health and wellbeing initiative (uptake is typically around 40-75%) it provides a platform for your organisation to engage and motivate staff, improve business performance and prevent potential health risks. It also delivers key baseline data which, probably most importantly can be used to measure future health and wellbeing results against.
There are a range of providers and an array of different packages to consider from ‘mini health checks’ looking at basic key health risks including blood pressure and cholesterol,  through to more advanced health screening options offering urinalysis, full lipid cholesterol breakdown and more. Regardless of which route you choose, it’s important that you decide on an option which is suited to your budget and/or requirements.
At Healthy Performance Ltd, employee health and wellbeing is our passion! Our objective is to work in partnership with organisations to develop a healthy workplace culture and as one of the UK’s leading health and wellbeing specialists we use a very structured approach which ensures that our health screening programmes are successful.
Our team work very closely with clients throughout the entire process but the initial planning phase is essential. It’s vital that we identify what your specific requirements are, what budget you are working to and what you want to achieve from the whole process. We always tailor our services to your specific requirements and once we have a very clear picture of your objectives, we can then support you in the most effective way.


Although it is essential to raise awareness; promoting events in the workplace can be both a time consuming and frustrating process. We know our clients are very busy so we don’t expect them to always have time to communicate initiatives, deal with enquiries from staff, and manage the bookings (plus everything else!).
At Healthy Performance we have invested in various systems which are designed to save you time and resources.  For example, to help you promote the event internally we provide professional marketing material which can be printed, emailed, added to newsletters and even your intranet.
In addition, for larger screening programmes we can provide bite size workshops to your staff to explain what is involved in the screening process and deal with any questions they might have. We find this is a great way to get people interested and motivated to book an appointment.


All of our popular health screening options are carried out onsite and can easily be implemented into single or multiple locations making them convenient and cost effective. To help manage the whole process and to save you a great deal of time our very popular online booking system is tailored with your logo, is very easy to use and allows staff to book/cancel their own appointments directly with us. The system automatically sends email/SMS confirmation, sends an Outlook calendar entry invite and automatic appointment reminders 48 hours prior to the event!  Most importantly we provide ‘admin access’ so you can check uptake levels in ‘real time’.
There is NO exercise involved at all for any of our health screening options and each employee receives a SAME DAY confidential health report or score card detailing their results (Yes, the SAME DAY!).  Plus we only ever use the most accurate equipment available for tests and all of our team have been through our stringent internal training and have many years’ experience in employee health and wellbeing.  Above all the HP Team are all very approachable, friendly and passionate about what they do!   We always allow enough time during the appointment to explain the results and make GP referrals to those who fall outside of the recommended guidelines.


After the event has taken place we like to go one stage further by producing a Company Health Report! All of our clients find this very helpful is it allows them to take an extremely proactive approach to their health and wellbeing strategy by evolving their strategy around this data. After all, what you can measure – you can improve!   The report summarises all of the results and highlights any hotspots and trends which can be broken down by location/department whilst offering recommendations for future events based on your results (at discounted rates!). In addition, annually we can provide comparison reports for both your employees and as an organisation, to gauge trends and improvements so that you can adapt your strategy very effectively continuously.
At Healthy Performance we aim to set the benchmark for quality, value and customer service. All of our services are completely tailored to your requirements and we always go the extra mile to ensure that your event is successful and your objectives have been met.
If you are considering health screening or have any questions at all then we would love to hear from you! Our team of experts are on hand to assist with any questions you may have. With prices starting from just £24.95 per person we believe that there is a solution for every organisation! Don’t wait to be told how good our service is – call us on 0844 432 5849 to find out for yourself!    

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