Guest Blog: How to set your workstation up correctly by Posture People

Setting up your workplace correctly is not just a necessity for DSE (Display Screen Equipment) regulations, but also a way of safeguarding yourself against nasty workplaces issues such as backache, neckache and the dreaded RSI.  So here are Posture People’s top tips for making sure you are sitting right and maximising your productivity at work.

Are you sitting correctly?

Sit at the right height

When your shoulders are relaxed, bend your arm at the elbow so that your forearm is in line with the desk

Check the depth of the seat

When you are sitting as far back as possible there should be a 2-3 finger gap between the back of the knee and the seat of the chair. Use the seat slide to alter if necessary

Sit back in the chair

When you sit down, make sure your backside is as far back in the chair as possible

Check whether you need a footrest

When you are sitting at the right height, if your feet are not solidly flat on the floor then you will need a footrest

Check the monitor height

Your eyebrows should be in line with the top of the screen

Check the distance of the monitor

When sitting correctly in the chair, hold your arms out in front of you. Your arms should be able to touch your screen

Keep your keyboard & mouse close

Don’t stretch for your keyboard or mouse. Elbows should stay in-line with your side

Now that you are sitting comfortably, make sure to remember our 3 top tips for ultimate office wellbeing.


Avoid sitting in the same positions for long periods of time and give your eyes a break from the screen. We recommend that you step away from you desk every 40 minutes. You can incorporate these into your day by encouraging walking meetings, taking phone calls standing up and talking to your colleagues instead of emailing.


You heard it here first; a cup of tea can go a long way for your productivity, and your wellbeing. Not only will putting the kettle on encourage you to take a break (and win you brownie points), but also encourages you to rehydrate yourself. Keep a bottle of water on your desk and set goals to drink at least 2 litres throughout the day.

Bad habits

Bad habits are easy to form, but hard to break. Make sure you help yourself out with reminders and encouragement. You can use alarms on email, download a timer for free on the Google chrome store, or revert back to the humble post it note, to ensure you get up, walk around and a have good stretch. A little bit of perseverance can save you a lot of pain in the long run.