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Get your employees moving with a Pedometer Challenge!

With many of us leading such hectic lives, even a basic task such as walking can become difficult to make time for. There are always plenty of excuses. Driving a car is quicker.   Taking the life is easier.  After a long day, most of us will settle in front of our laptops at home as well as at work.  An increasingly sedentary lifestyle affects not only our own wellness, but also the atmosphere at work.  An unhealthy office is often low in professionalism, energy, quality (the Healthy Performance values!), and positivity.  To change this, you need to make sure that your employees keep moving!

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective steps we can make towards any goal in health and wellbeing, from losing weight to improving your heart health.  A pedometer challenge can help you use the benefits of modern technology and put it to work towards helping you and your employees reach positive wellbeing goals.

A pedometer challenge is a fantastic corporate wellbeing initiative that can help everyone in your workplace get moving towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. Using pedometers like the FitBit, Omron or Smart Phone apps, employees keep track of their steps each day, using these numbers to make and reach progressive goals throughout the program.

So what sort of results can you expect?  Implementing a pedometer challenge in your workplace is a great way to see positive changes in the lives of individuals as well as in the office as a whole.  Even as each participant begins feeling more energetic, confident, and inspired, you will begin to see these developments manifest at work as well.

Healthy Performance conducted a pedometer challenge for Renault UK in 2014 – the results were outstanding.  80 employees in their Head Office completed over 50 million steps or, well in excess of 20,000 miles in just six weeks!  That was more than 800 marathons in total.  The level of staff engagement and motivated surprised and delighted the HR team at Renault UK.

All in all, a pedometer challenge is one wellbeing initiative that will pay off on the individual, interpersonal, and corporate levels. For more information about the Healthy Performance pedometer challenge then please contact us today!

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