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Daily vitamin C supplements found to be as beneficial as walking

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Daily vitamin C supplements found to be as beneficial as walking

A new study has revealed that daily vitamin C supplements could be as effective as walking in improving the heart health of obese people. Scientists have found that taking the equivalent of one Berocca tablet a day can have similar cardiovascular benefits as regular exercise.

Now for the science bit: the blood vessels of people who are overweight or obese show greater activity of the small vessel-constricting protein, endothelin-1 (ET-1). Vessels with high ET-1 activity are more prone to constricting. The narrowing of blood vessels can mean they are less able to cope with the changing demands on blood flow, therefore increasing a person’s risk of vascular disease. Previous studies have found exercise helps reduce ET-1 activity. The study by scientists at the University of Colorado, US, examined whether vitamin C supplements, which have been found in the past to improve vessel function, can also lower ET-1 activity.
Furthermore, in 2013 it was found that vitamin C consumption could cut the risk of people with asthma developing an exercise-induced attack.
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