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Tips to help you add variety to your daily diet

Add variety to your meals
Find ways to add variety to your meals

Having the same thing to eat 3 days in a row can be very boring and mealtimes just end up being functional.
To help your body and mind function at their best, try to work through a variety of foods to ensure you are taking in as many vitamins and minerals as possible.
Here are 8 top tips to inspire you:

  1. Eat with your eyes: make your food as appealing as possible by using plenty of brightly-coloured fruit and veg
  2. Vary one part of your meal at a time: Mix between different types of rice, pasta, couscous, noodles and quinoa as part of your main meal or side dish
  3. If not doing so already, start to introduce some wholegrain varieties of the above options, e.g. 50/50 bread versus just white; mix whole-wheat pasta with normal white pasta; until you predominantly consume wholegrain
  4. Switch between different bread types, wraps, flatbreads and mini pittas for your sandwiches
  5. Try a new vegetable or salad option each week
  6. Mix between your protein sources – cycle between chicken, fish, lean beef, pulses and seeds
  7. Add a new food group to your current meals, e.g. add some berries to your cereal; extra chopped veg to your spaghetti bolognese; throw some pulses into your lunchtime salad; sprinkle some nuts and seeds on your cereal
  8. Keep some frozen veg, tinned fruit (in juice not syrup) or tinned veg handy to use when short on time or low on fresh options

If you’d like some help to raise awareness of nutrition in your organisation, contact us.   We’d be delighted to help you.

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