Top Health & Wellbeing FAQ’s

This is probably the most popular question that we receive and we understand that it can seem quite daunting when you haven’t implemented health and wellbeing services before.

Initially it is important to identify what your objectives are – this could be engaging staff, reducing absence, improving health and many more. One you know this, then look to focus the services around what you want to achieve. So if you want to engage staff, then are you going to measure success by uptake levels or feedback after the event (or both).

Also bear in mind that there is a lot of free information available from various sources so utilise this as part of a wider programme. National events that are promoted across the UK (Movember, Dryathlon etc) are great ways to communicate wellbeing effectively as there is national campaigns to raise awareness and you can simply just on the back of these to start your programme.

Why not complete our ‘Wellbeing Programme Builder’ where you can tell us more about your objectives and what success will look like….. we can then build the most effective solution for you. You can even trial our online tool, monthly newsletter and booking system to experience what we do and how we work.

If you prefer, just pick up the phone and contact our team of experts on 01295 230120 where we are always happy to provide advice and support.

Not at all. In fact we have developed our internal systems so that all you need to do is book a room (or rooms), a date (or dates) and what services you would like. We do the rest including providing bespoke marketing material to help you raise awareness internally, set up our booking system to manage all appointments (and you can have admin access to monitor uptake) and guide you through each phase of the process. Take a look at our ‘How we make it easy for you’ video (found in About Us > Videos), as this explains everything in just two minutes.

We would strongly advise that if you are thinking about a full wellbeing programme, then consider building this slowly and let it evolve rather than starting with a full action packed programme which staff may not respond as well to.

We can tailor what we do around your organisation so if you have a set budget let us know and we can build a bespoke package for you. In terms of cost, our online lifestyle assessment (MyWellbeingCheck) starts from just £3.50 per employee per year and we have a range of onsite health screening options that start from £29.95 per person. For both options you receive really useful management information to take a proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing so it’s very cost effective and extremely good value for money.

To put this into perspective, it’s very likely that you will spend much more on tea/coffee/milk for each member of staff throughout the year!
Please note all prices are exclusive of vat

It can vary quite considerably and this is usually due to organisational culture and of equal importance – how it is promoted and communicated. We help you to promote events internally and as part of our service can provide PDF posters, 4 page brochures, email commination content and much more.

Usually we aim to achieve between 40-70% uptake, and would consider over 50% as a positive result. The most successful project (in terms of uptake) we have worked with is 97%!

There are two sides to monitoring improvements – from an employee and employer perspective. Starting with employees, this can be achieved through annual health check data (to see which tests are getting better/worse) and also by using MyWellbeingCheck® (online lifestyle assessment) which allows staff to access (free of charge when they have a health check) for 12 months. MyWellbeingCheck® takes just 5-6 minutes to complete and provides a personalised dashboard highlighting Wellbeing Risk, Score, Age plus 6 ‘Wellbeing-o-meters’ covering key lifestyle factors. Staff can complete this every month if they wish, and they receive comparison charts to monitor improvements and progress – great for motivation!

From an employer perspective, there are lots of ways to monitor improvements such as engagement, uptake, reduction in absence/PMI claims, EAP uptake and much more. From a health data point of view, we always set
baseline data for you to compare in the future. In year one, we can compare your collective results to all other company averages, which we have monitored since we were formed. In future years, we will provide your own annual comparisons (which can be segmented by location/department/role), so it is very useful to take a proactive approach to wellbeing.

We are very proud to boast exceptional levels of customer service and our whole system has been developed and evolved around client feedback. So if time is your big issue then please contact us as you may be very surprised at what you need to do to set up an event. To summarise this, please see these three simple steps:

1. Choose your event of choice​(eg onsite health screening)
2. Select a date​(or dates)
3. Book a room​(or rooms)

We then advise and support you from planning to event evaluation with bespoke professional marketing material, use of our fantastic online booking system, award winning service delivery and finally an employee feedback report to monitor quality and satisfaction. This is summarised in our ‘How we make it easy for you’ video.

If you are looking at a complete annual wellbeing programme but time is again an issue, we can even develop a tailored plan for the year focussing on engaging topics that will promote wellbeing throughout the year.

Wellbeing is now a fundamental part of the criteria for the majority of ‘best places to work’ accreditation awards. As many of our clients have achieved this, we are very familiar with the process and what works well to improve your wellbeing rating.

You should consider having a ‘Wellbeing Plan’ that promotes various topics through the year, and ideally incorporate this into a Wellbeing Policy that helps to direct a Wellbeing Strategy. Initially we would advise against implementing lots of initiatives early on, but start with (for example) health screening which provides you with baseline data and then you can monitor improvements and highlight hotspots to tackle in the future.

By measuring wellbeing, you can measure return on investment, improvements, and most importantly whether your team is becoming healthier.

We do this as part of our service and will keep you updated whether events are fully booked or if they need additional internal communication. However if you’d like to see how popular events for yourself, we can provide you with admin access to our fantastic online booking system. This allows LIVE access to uptake levels and for organisations with multi sites we can split this by location/department.

If you aren’t sure how an event will be received by staff, we can offer (Free of Charge) access to our ‘Register Interest’ booking system. This allows you to see whether an event will potentially be popular

We’ve worked with a client who was let down by another provider two days before a large event so we can be very responsive. However our advice would be to launch an event around 4 weeks beforehand to be most effective. This allows for marketing material, internal comms and promotion.

If you have less time than this, it isn’t an issue but we would recommend that you have a suitable room/area available on the day of the event.

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