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Thirsty for summer?

Did you know that your body is approximately 63% water with an average male body containing around 45 litres of water?

Most adults lose about 2.5 to 3 litres of water per day through the lungs, bodily waste, and skin but this will increase in hot weather and or with prolonged exercise.

Only 40% of us drink the recommended daily amount and we want to help you change that! Why?

 The benefits of drinking water are (amongst others):

  1. It helps the bodies organs to function better
  2. It boosts the appearance of your skin
  3. It regulates body temperature
  4. Helps to maintain your blood pressure
  5. Boost your performance during exercise
  6. Fat loss
  7. Reduces chances of a hangover
  8. Flushes out body waste

This challenge starts in...

This challenge has already begun and is running until 30th June 2022.
This challenge has already begun and is running until 30th June 2022.

The challenge

This month, we’re challenging you to drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of water per day.

Now, this amount isn’t a one size fits all rule and some people may need more especially when exercising.

To keep yourself well hydrated, it is best to drink little and often, rather than waiting until you are really thirsty and then drinking large quantities.

An easy way to tell if your body needs water (and no – tea, coffee, alcohol, or juice drinks don’t count during this challenge!) is through the colour of your urine.

Tracking your water intake

An easy way to track how much water you are drinking each day is by either purchasing a half-gallon water bottle (which is approximately 2.2L) or by reusing a 2L plastic bottle and ensuring that you finish it, plus a little extra each day!  

Alternatively, if you prefer drinking from a glass, a pint glass holds 568ml, so all it takes is 4.5 of those each day! Simple!  

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