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Alcohol Consumption



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how to reduce alcohol intake
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Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Do you want to reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink? In this video we discuss how to reduce your alcohol consumption.

learn more about drink driving
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Alcohol and Driving

Not sure what the drink driving limit really is? Learn more about the legal drink driving limit in the UK.  

how does alcohol affect sleep
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Alcohol and Sleep

Did you know alcohol affects your quality of sleep? Learn more about the impact of alcohol on your sleep. 

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Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Download our podcast for information on how to reduce your alcohol consumption.

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Alcohol and Sleep

Do you find drinking helps you to sleep? Consuming alcohol before you go to bed can actually reduce the quality of your sleep.

Alcohol - Reduce Your Intake

Reducing your alcohol intake can improve overall health and help with weight loss. Download this guide for advise on reducing your consumption. 

Alcohol and Driving

Do you know what the legal alcohol limit is in the UK? Download this PDF for more information on alcohol and driving. 

Alcohol and Calories

Are you trying to lose weight? Calories from alcohol are considered as ’empty’ as they contain little or no nutritional value. Download our guide today for more information. 

Alcohol and Pregnancy

The safest approach to drinking when pregnant is to avoid alcohol all together. Learn more about the risks associated with drinking during pregnancy. 

Alcohol - Further Support

Concerned about the amount of alcohol that you or someone close to you consumes? In this document you will find details of alcohol support services. 

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