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Learn How To
Keep Hydrated

Why It's Important To Keep Hydrated

To stay healthy, it’s important that we drink enough fluids throughout the day. Fluids help to maintain the healthy function of every system in the body including the heart, brain and muscles and carry nutrients to our cells and flush bacteria from our bladder. 

tips to keeping hydrated
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3 Ways To Effectively Hydrate Your Body

Water: It’s probably no surprise but drinking water is the cheapest and easiest way to stay hydrated / rehydrate. Water is the best way to hydrate as it contains no added sugar or calories.

Tea and Coffee: Tea and coffee both contain caffeine, which is a stimulant, whilst this can cause dehydration when overconsumed, moderate amounts be as hydrating as drinking water.


Milk: Milk is full of lots of nutrients and protein to help aid with muscle repair and growth. Milk also has excellent hydration properties and contains high concentrations of electrolytes. 

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