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Keep Active As A Remote Worker

How To Keep Active As A Remote Worker

According to the ONS Labour Force Survey which is the largest study of employment circumstances in the UK, there are now more than 1.54 million people who work from home for their main job. Whether you’re based at home or out on the road you’ll know that it can be easy to become absorbed in your work. Standing up, moving around or going for a walk isn’t something we prioritise as home workers however these basic levels of activity our essential to our overall health. Here are our tips to keeping active and staying health whilst working remotely.

how to keep active as a remote worker
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How To Stay Healthy When Working From Home

One of the best ways to stay healthy as a remote worker is to make time for physical activity. Whether that be making the use of the time you save on your commute to fit in an early morning gym session, or simply going for a walk on your lunch break.  

People that exercise on a regular basis typically feel better, have more energy and as a consequence are more productive. Here’s a link to several 10-minute exercise workouts which can be done from your home

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